SUN demands an immediate stop of the attack on Gaza and an investigation of violations against international law

The Socialist Youth in the Nordic countries (SUN) urge people to visibly stand up against the attack of Israel against Gaza.

We must react strongly and show our support and solidarity towards the people residing in Gaza. Attacks of any nature are not to be accepted. A peaceful resolution is needed.

A full-scale comprehensive peace process has to take place through an immediate ceasefire. The process must involve all actors in the area. The only way to cease the vicious circle of blodshed is through peace.

An investigation is needed of the wrongdoings in the attack. Attacks against civilian population are a serious violation of International Humanitarian Law.

Act! Join a demonstration or organize one.

Demonstrations in the nordic countries:

Iceland, Reykjavik: Monday 19.11 at 17:00

Sweden, Stockholm: Monday 19.11 at 19:00

Finland, Helsinki: Tuesday 20.11 at 16:30

Sweden, Malmö: Wednesday 21.11 at 19:00

Henrik Nyholm

Socialistisk Ungdom i Norden – SUN